Therapy For Bereavement

therapeutic counsellnig for dealing with grief or loss

Grief Through Bereavement and Loss 

  • The fact is that we all will or have experienced grief through bereavement or loss. It is an inevitable life occurrence.
  • Dealing with grief can be painful, raw and confusing. It touches us all in different ways. Therapy for Bereavement and loss can make a difference.
  • Grief can manifest in all sorts of shapes and forms. Sometimes many years later.
  • It is important to acknowledge that grief can occur through bereavement or loss, both types of grief can be just as damaging.
  • Life in fact is a series of losses – loss of dreams, job, friends, fantasys, personal relationships … this list is endless.

Having been touched by a close suicide and witnessed a number of close family bereavements at a young age  –  I do understand what it might be like for someone who is experiencing loss or a close bereavement. I also have an understanding of what it is like trying to put the pieces of your life back together after the loss of a loved one through a sudden death or suicide.

I am able to combine my personal experiences and professional training to offer specialised therapy for bereavement and help clients through difficult times.

I Can Help You With 

  • Unresolved Grief
  • Depression/ Anxiety Due To Close Death
  • Surviving Loss Of A Friendship
  • Recent Loss/ Bereavement
  • Childhood Loss
  • Surviving A Close Suicide
  • Losing A Parent
  • Losing A Child
  • Getting Through Christmas when coping with loss.
  • Guilt Due To Loss/ Bereavement
  • Bereavement  Of a Partner
  • Sudden Loss/ Bereavement
  • Bereavement Due To Terminal Illness.
  • Loss Of A Friend
  • Loss Of A Pet
  • Fear Of A Bereavement
  • Preparing For A Loss
  • Preparing for end of life.
  • Dealing With A Stillbirth
  • Death/ Loss Of Your Persecutor.
  • A Complicated Death
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Grief is not Linear

You may want to learn techniques to help deal with grief or loss, which can help the recovery process. Or you may just want someone to sit and listen to you, to support you while you grieve. This is all fine with me

When working with clients who are grieving I try to explain grief as in three different stages (this is a really simplified explanation).  I always clarify with clients it’s important to understand these steps aren’t always linear. The best way I can explain it as a trampoline of intense emotions and feelings – at times you might find yourself jumping around all three stages in one day …. or one hour or minute even. You can read more about how to deal with loss and the effect of loss on our emotions here 

I can offer

  • a safe space for you to be supported and heard.
  • time and space for you to grieve.
  • support in coming to terms with your bereavement or loss.
  • compassion and understanding during your time of loss.
  • techniques to “resource you” for your day to day life.
  • help you deal with emotions such as regret, anger, betrayal, guilt.
  • help in creating and implementing “a plan” to get your life back on track.
  • coping strategies to deal with depression and anxiety occurring through loss.
  • help in you finding clarity and focus on dealing with practical issues.
  • help in you finding ways to move on when you are ready.

Ready to find out more?

As a qualified counsellor, I have much experience in offering counselling therapy for bereavement and loss. You will find me registered with the BACP and I adhere to their ethical guidelines. I am  available for counselling sessions in Harrogate and Wetherby. I am also also available for online counselling via secure video calling. You can book appointments online with me here

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The Different Stages Of Grief

Grief stage one Grief Stage 2 is your world Grief Stage 3 is part of your world therapy retreats

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I am available from my private practice on Wetherby High Street (LS22), Leeds, West Yorkshire and Harrogate town centre. Both locations are discrete and easily accessible.  You are welcome to send me a message using the form below and I will respond as soon as I am able. I always welcome new enquires warmly. If I can’t help – I will know someone who can.


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