It always worries me when clients ask me what they should do. It's not about me offering counselling advice, but it's more about Working together To Support You In Finding Your answers.


Wetherby Counsellor & Online Counselling Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar


How I can help You

I support clients who want to understand themselves better. Who want to revolutionise the relationships in their lives. Who dream of finding clarity on their direction, life purpose or future. Who want to live a life with less stress, anxiety of depression in their lives. Perhaps you can relate?


What Will I Gain From Therapy?

Seeing a therapist is you investing time and money. So what can you expect to get from your counsellor? What are the realistic advantages of getting therapy? Will it help? Read

Want to improve the relationships in your life - with others, self or the environment you live in?

Are relationships causing you immense distress, confusion? Are they destroying your peace of mind? If any of this sounds familiar, then we can work together to understand the overwhelming feelings that can sometimes leave you feeling crippled, depressed, lost or angry. Read 

Would it help you to improve the relationship you have with food & body image? I offer expert support.


Body image and relationship with food & related disorders  can bring much misery and suffering. I work with binge eating, obesity & food disorders. Through The K Plan - a wellness plan for the emotional eater I also offer online group therapy.  Read

Specialised support in changing your behaviour and learning to do "angry" a different way.

Does the way you do "angry" an issue? If it is you will know that your behaviour can drive people away from you.

Often the very people you want close to you. Through a refreshed awareness you can change your behaviour. Read 

The other issues I have experience of working with - often clients come with related issues.


Often issues are not isolated. Depression or anxiety could be due to grief, loss or past trauma. You may want to work through past issues or you may want to look at the here and learn new ways to cope. It may be to feel validated is what you are looking for. Read


Doing Things A Different Way

Is your relationship with self, others, issues or trauma from the past holding you back? Your way of living -  tied to the past? I work with adults & young people offering support to help move forward.

Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar - Online Counselling & Wetherby Counsellor




How Does Counselling Work?

A lot of therapists often talk about offering "a good space" - but what does that actually mean? How will a counsellor being empathetic, you talking about your issues help you? Read more