My fees are £120 for a 90 minute assessment and £90.00 for a 60 minute counselling session.

I am a trained CBT-E therapist working with eating disorders. For more details please take a look here.

Thank you for visiting my website - Im Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar I am registered with the BACP and adhere to their professional ethics.

I work with clients who may feel let down or confused by their cultural identity. I am 3rd generation British Muslim and describe myself as multi-racial, multi-religious and multi cultural - I understand only too well the importance of identity. I specialise in working with eating disorders and anger. I provide one to one in-person, online and walk and talk therapy to adults and young people. Please take a look around my website and if you have any questions please feel free to message me.

Seeing a therapist is for many a big thing - investing your hope, time and money. You may be asking questions such as what can you expect to get from your counsellor? What are the realistic advantages of getting therapy? Will it help? Does it work? You can read more here

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How Can I Support You?

I work with adults & young people offering a non-judgmental space and supportive counselling to help you move forward and to live a better now.

I provide online counselling & face to face counselling to clients who want to understand themselves better. Who want to revolutionise the relationships in their lives. Who dream of finding clarity on their direction, life purpose or future. Who want to live a life with less stress, anxiety, anger or depression in their lives. Perhaps you can relate?

You won't find me giving you advice - it's more about working together and supporting you explore your options & finding healthy solutions.

Do You Have Questions About Counselling or need support with eating disorders?

Drop me a message to get the conversation started or send me an email at office@redkitetherapy.com

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