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Wetherby Counsellor Yasmin

Thank you for visiting  this space, I’m Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar a neurodivergent counsellor with therapy rooms in Wetherby, Leeds and working online.

Being diagnosed later in life with dyslexia and dyspraxia, I can relate to the difficulties and benefits being neurodivergent can bring.  

Maybe your relationship with self, others, issues or trauma from the past is holding you back?  Your way of living tied to the past? I work with adults & young people offering supportive counselling to help you move forward and to live a better now.

I firmly believe the way we relate to ourselves, our needs, others and the world is the key  to a peaceful contented life. I am very much interested in relationships. 

I provide counselling to those who want to understand themselves and the world better. Who want to revolutionise the relationships in their lives. Who dream of finding clarity on their direction, life purpose or future. Who want to live a life with less stress, anxiety, anger or depression. Perhaps you can relate?

You won’t find me giving you advice – it’s more about working together and supporting you explore your options & finding pathways and solutions that work for you. 

 I am a trained CBT-E therapist working with eating disorders. I specialise in working with disordered eating and anger.

 I am also available to clients who may feel let down or confused by their religion or cultural identity. I am 3rd generation British Muslim and describe myself as multi-racial, multi-religious and multi cultural.  Please take a look around my website and if you have any questions please feel free to message me.


My fees are £120 for a 90 minute assessment and £90.00 for a 60 minute counselling session.


Seeing a therapist is a big commitment – investing your hope, time and money. You may be asking questions such as what can you expect to get from your counsellor? What are the realistic advantages of getting therapy? Will it help? Does it work? You can read more here

Areas I Work In

Managing & Understanding Your & Others Anger

Eating Disorders & Emotional Eating.

Confidence & Self-Esteem Counselling

Relationship Counselling with self & others

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Are you in crisis? 

Unfortunately I am unable to offer a crisis service. If you feel you are in crisis please contact emergency services.

To find a local NHS urgent mental health helpline (England only) click here.