the issues I work with.

I have a keen personal interest in supporting clients who want to have better relationships in their lives - and I don't mean just with others. I offer talking therapies and creative counselling from my private practice on the High Street in Wetherby, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

When we do not have a healthy relationship with self or others, whatever the reason - feelings such as unhappiness, anger, confusion, loss, shame, guilt and low self-esteem can dominate our thoughts. It can lead to risky behaviour, self harm or using coping mechanisms that don't work. This affects the quality of our lives in a negative way. It's not just our mental health that suffers, it can be our physical health also.

Sometimes, those feelings need to be faced before we are able to move forward. We can feel stuck and are unsure where to turn.  At times like these, counselling with a therapist can help us move forward towards our goals and achieve clarity.

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Problems With Relationships Come In All Shapes And Forms.

My personal experiences, professional experience and my training means the counselling areas I have experience and work in are:- 

Anger Management

Are you driving people away? Want to learn to manage your temper?


Bereavement or Loss can lead to unresolved issues. Learn to cope.


Just knowing who are can improve self-esteem.


use and abuse. Addicted or not, just want to make change?

Disordered Eating & Body Image

Our relationship with food can cause emotional and physical problems


Kinks? Or tired of a double life? Talk to someone who will understand.

Coping with Anxiety

I can resource with strategies to help you cope with anxiety.

Self-Esteem & Confidence

Improving our relationship with our self is the key to relationships with others.

Relationship Counselling?

Relational Counselling isn't just for couples. Our lives consist of multiple relationships. We have relationships with partners, exes, family, neighbours, food, sex, alcohol, shopping - you name it we have some type of relationship with it. My belief is the biggest relationship we have is with our self, this governs all other relationships. Have a healthy relationship with yourself - and chances are the "healthiness will eventually trickle down to all other aspects of your life.

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