Online Counselling

Online Counselling – working to your schedule.

Online services play more of an active role in peoples lives. Online counselling via secure video calling is a modern, innovative method of obtaining support.

This can involve video calling, text messaging and email support or a combination. It can save time, be more cost effective and less stressful as no commute is involved.

Having gained experience in business in the technology sector prior to my career in counselling I am an advocate of using technology safely for therapy.

If you  prefer face to face, you can arrange an appointment at my private practice in Wetherby.

You can learn more about the issues I work with.


Feel Unsure about using Teletherapy?

If you have not used online therapy before it can feel a little daunting. Download my step by step guide on using zoom by clicking the download button. It really is just a matter of getting used to doing things a different way.


Download guide here

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What is online therapy? Expand

Online Counselling or tele-therapy

I offer Online Counselling via the internet either through email exchange or a secure, encrypted video calling platform. It is similar to In-person face-to-face therapy. You may prefer this method or tele-therapy for a variety of different reasons such as a busy schedule, time constraints, disability, social phobia, or location. I appreciate the whole “counselling process” is pretty daunting, so for those feeling a little nervous of the process this can be a good way to break the ice.

Online counselling can either be long-term or short-term. Its all dependant on the issue you bring and what is suitable for your individual need. At the start of our therapeutic relationship, we will agree on a suitable number of sessions and these will be reviewed every four weeks.

How does it work and how do I get started? Expand

How do I get started?

Please email me with a brief message (of up to about 150) words about what issue you would like to bring to your online counselling and I will reply within 24 hours with suggestions of how I think we could work together.

If there is a mutual understanding that my services are likely to be of help to you, I will arrange an online or in person assessment (there will be a form to be filled in  form).

If I assess online counselling is appropriate for your needs and we have all this in place –  counselling sessions can then begin.

Please note that Online Counselling may not be suitable for all issues presented by clients. In such cases, I will make every effort to refer you to more suitable support specific for your needs. 

I don’t want to see myself on video? Collapse

Thats fine – many people feel like this. You can set the platform to “audio only” this means it will only be a voice call and you will not be using the video facility on the platform.