What Does Resourcing The Client Mean?

Resourcing the Client In Their Therapeutic Journey

Counselling sessions with myself  include focus on "resourcing the client" to help them build resilient self-processes and resilient relationships. Which will eventually result in the client empowering themselves. You could view it as a "toolkit" for the client which increases their "bouncebackability". I love that word - meaning


a client's ability to bounce back from distressing, destructive or overwhelming situations. To have resilience

There have been identified 6 areas which are believed to be most important in resourcing the client.

  • holding hope
  • Increasing relational support
  • Developing
    •  somatic resources
    • imagery resources
    • current field resources
    • forgotten resources
  • Encouraging a mindful attitude
  • Developing self nurture & compassion
  • Re-orienting to positive experiences.

Research suggests when clients are sufficiently resourced (they have a toolkit that works for them) - clients often spontaneously find their own way through to healthy resolution of their issue. I often find this also!

Your Emotional Wellbeing Toolkit

The Missing Pieces

Only some sections of the list above will be relevant to different clients at different times in their  journey. Usually in the assessment phase I discuss and identify which resources are missing or in need of development for the client to move forward. This is the  first step in resourcing the client - I find out what they are missing.

This could mean for clients if they .....

  • have lost hope
  • become socially isolated
  • have a self-critical voice
  • refuse self compassion
  • unable to manage their emotional distress?
  • do they shut down?
  • become overloaded.
  • discount their strengths and positive qualities.

I find these areas may need initial attention, before clients are more ready for difficult work. I like to view it as a "clearing the closet" in initial assessment sessions with clients.

When a client comes to me for therapy - clients are  investing valuable time, money, emotions and hope. It is my ethical duty that a client gets as much as they can from their their counselling sessions.

Obviously this is all dependant on what the client is ready or able for, it's always at the clients pace. Identifying the missing pieces of their "resources" is a good strong starting point aswell as identifying a clients strengths.  Knowing and having a "what's what" attitude, helps to clarify what the clients needs are.

References: Skills In Gestalt, Counselling & Psychotherapy - Joyce & Sills

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