Getting started can feel daunting!

The whole counselling process - finding a suitable counsellor, sifting through profiles, booking the assessment - can be pretty off putting. Especially when you already might be feeling overwhelmed.

To help you get started with counselling sessions with myself - there's a mini guide below to some common questions you might be thinking. For further FAQ's . you can click here. And if you can't find the answer to your question just email or call me. or (+44) 01937 363007

There is no question too trivial you could ask me.

step 1 getting started in counselling

the best way is to send me an email to or send a text message to (+44) 01937 363007. Or you can send me a message below. If you write a short description of what you are looking for and the issues you are facing, that would be helpful.

step 2 getting started in counselling

It may be sooner if I can. I do answer all messages. If I do not reply immediately it is most likely I am with clients. I understand when you are facing distress or pain you may need to speak to someone quickly or be acknowledged at least. Therefore I ensure I answer all messages as soon as I can.

step 3 getting started in counselling

The assessment is a getting to know each other session. You will share with me what you hope to achieve from therapy. We shall also go over the contract - your and my expectations of therapy. It gives you a chance to ask any questions about therapy and me to assess whether I am the right person to help you. You can book it right here online below.