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Counselling Walk and Talk Therapy

Counselling Walking and Talking therapy is a type of Ecotherapy. I have always enjoyed walking and found it beneficial being out especially in nature. There is something in walking and finding solutions, kind of working it all out in open space with the elements of nature keeping you company. But also the space to scream out loud if necessary.

This type of therapy has to be discussed and agreed in advance, a health questionnaire filled in to assess suitability. Both my locations are based in semi-rural settings with breathtaking walks on our doorstep.

Usually, I will give clients two options - a short route of up to thirty minutes which can include a stop off to sit if needed. The alternative is a longer route of about forty minutes.

Filed Therapy

Since C19 I now offer field therapy in LS21 just outside Harrogate and Otley. This ensures we keep at a safe social distance.

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