Thinknig about your emotional strengths

When a client arrives in therapy having relationship issues - they are often in distress, pain or feeling hurt. Or just plain angry. Focus is usually on the things that they would like to change or trauma they would like to process or their physical or emotional needs that are not being met.

This can result in becoming focused on relationship "problems" they are facing when trying to find a resolution. I like to bring the client back to the present time - the here and now. And for them to have a check-in with themselves and focus on their positive emotional strengths they already have to deal with their relationship problems.

Relationship problems include relationships with others or with issues such as alcohol, sex, food, body image etc or the relationship they have with "self".

Its so easy to forget our positive qualities ... especially when the chatter starts in our minds about everything wrong with our lives. So a gentle nudge to assist a client in seeing their emotional strengths is sometimes beneficial in the therapy process.

This downloadable worksheet will help you to get started and explore your emotional strengths you already have in your toolbox which you may have forgotten about.

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