Supportive therapeutic counselling

I'm Yasmin a qualified counsellor, registered with the BACP and I adhere to their ethical guidelines. I support in helping people who use and abuse substances. Whether party drugs, uppers, downers, alcohol, legal highs or lows - if you would like to change your story, I can help.

With me you don't have to feel embarrassed or ashamed - I am not here to judge you, I am here to help you by having an honest conversation with each other. I offer a supportive, compassionate, pragmatic and proactive service.

I am available for counselling sessions in Wetherby, Leeds, West Yorkshire  and Harrogate.


We all want to be comforted in one way or another when things get tough. So whether

  • it is an extra glass of wine (or bottle) things can slowly without realising get out of control.
  • Perhaps you are spending too much money on alcohol? drugs? substances?
  • There is a danger that you are heading towards financial difficulties? You might already be there?
  • Or you might feel totally alone as you are hiding your using from your close family and friends?
  • Perhaps you have not been able to hold down a relationship due to your substance use and abuse and now you want to change that?
  • Or maybe have just had enough off of the same old same old?

Reaching Crisis? Get Therapeutic Professional Help before you crash.

Work might be suffering? You could be in a high pressured job? In government? In the healthcare profession yourself? In the public eye? A celebrity? A teacher? You might have started taking substances to keep you awake? To be more on the ball. To help you with the pressures  that your career bring? But now you can't seem to function too well without them and you don't know what to do? You just keep going - a bit worried that you are heading for a breakdown or burnout? You know you aren't addicted - but you know your current lifestyle is or will cause you problems. 

wanting to  to make changes? Therapeutic Counselling with me can help.

Or the problem might be everybody around you is doing it? It's not a normal Friday night without a line or two? Popping a few pills? Or a goldfish bowl Gin and Tonic? You might have an incline that you are spending too much time partying? You might even be laughing about how great your party lifestyle is? You started off thinking the odd line of coke or pill won't harm you? But now you are not too sure. Two bottles of red instead of one - what a bargain! Personal relationships are strained due to your using? You might actually be bored of how you are living your life but don't know how to start making changes?

At first it might have helped boost your confidence? your self-esteem? But now you just feel depressed and anxious most the time? You might have trouble managing your anger? You fly off the handle at the slightest thing? You don't recognise the person you are becoming?  You feel you might need some help? 

Issues I Can Help With but not limited to 

  • Cocaine Use/ Abuse
  • Confidence. Self-Esteem
  • Weed/ Hash Use/ Abuse
  • Crack/ Heroin Use/ Abuse
  • Alcohol Use/ Abuse
  • Party Drug Use/ Abuse
  • Legal drug Abuse - Codeine, Opioids etc.
  • Wine O'Clock Culture
  • Dealers wanting to make change in their lives
  • Anxiety/ Depression Due To Use
  • Finding Alternative Coping Strategies
  • Getting The Right Help
  • Intervention's
  • Dealing With Work ? HR
  • Cutting The Ties With Dealers.
  • Accepting Your Situation
  • Creating A Plan
  • Relationship Breakdowns Due To Using
  • Changing Friendships
  • Anxiety Due to Substance Use
  • Anger Management
using substances and abuse

TRUST & CONFIDENTIALITY in the counselling room

When you commit to counselling with me, a qualified counsellor whether in Wetherby, Harrogate or North Leeds or Online the first thing I assure you - everything you tell me is in confidence. I expect clients at the start to be unsure and worried about what they can trust me with. But as your counselling progresses my aim is to work through this. Therapy requires a degree of honesty to yourself - this can be difficult. But for your therapy to have a chance of success this needs to be overcome. So whether its guilt, shame, regret, pain or ego together through our counselling sessions we can work through this together. At your pace. With my genuine support.

Perhaps you might worry what I might think of you? Or who I might tell if you are involved in illegal substance use? I adhere to the BACP ethical framework - Section 55 of the Ethical Framework states

55. We will protect the confidentiality and privacy of clients by:
a. actively protecting information about clients from unauthorised access or disclosure
b. informing clients about how the use of personal data and information that they share with us will be used and who is within the circle of confidentiality, particularly with access to personally identifiable information
c. requiring that all recipients of personally identifiable information have agreed to treat such information as confidential in accordance with any legal requirements and what has been agreed with the client at the time of disclosure
d. informing clients about any reasonably foreseeable limitations of privacy or confidentiality in advance of our work together, for example, communications to ensure or enhance the quality of work in supervision or training, to protect a client or others from serious harm including safeguarding commitments, and when legally required or authorised to disclose
e. taking care that all contractual requirements concerning the management and communication of client information are mutually compatible
f. ensuring that disclosure of personally identifiable information about clients is authorised by client consent or that there is a legally and ethically recognised justification
g. using thoroughly anonymised information about clients where this provides a practical alternative to sharing identifiable information. 

**The only time I may have to disclose information about you if I have concerns that you may be a danger to yourself or others. Then I will discuss this with you prior to sharing information.

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