Wetherby Counsellor Yasmin

Online Therapy

I am available for online appointments, which in the current climate I view as the safest option. They can be conducted via video or audio only - I know we can al at times feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.

For more information for online sessions and to book click below.

My Wetherby Therapy Room

  • My Wetherby Therapy Room is located on the High St, Wetherby, North Leeds
  • Discrete and confidential Therapy Room
  • My Wetherby Therapy Rooms Operating Times 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday
  • I am available for appointments outside these times online.
  • Below are FAQ's regaring C19 best practice I follow
  • I will adjust my procedures accordingly day by day.

Best Practice in light of C19 for face to face clients at my North Leeds Therapy Room. 

  • Although I have taken precautions - I cannot guarantee 100% protection from Covid 19.
  • I do not share my Wetherby Therapy Room with other practitioners.
  • You will enter the premises via an intercom system. Please use your shoulders/ arm to push open the door.
  • My therapy room is on the 1st floor, I will be standing in the doorway to greet you.
  • There is a bannister on the stairwell - if you remember and are able please avoid touching it.
  • You will enter the room and close the door behind you - perhaps using your leg??  (I know - sorry:-)
  • My room is a room approximately 20ft square. There is over 12ft distance between where i will sit and where you will sit in the room.
  • I have now moved the furniture so seating for clients will be easily accessible.
  • The furniture for clients consists of leather chairs - so I am able to wipe down these between sessions using anti-bacterial cleaning products.
  • I shall use one leather arm chair for morning client and the other for afternoon client. They will be wiped down with anti-bacterial cleaner.
  • Please do not enter the premises with other family members.
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How many clients will you see a day in your North Leeds Wetherby Therapy Room?

I have chosen to see 2 clients a day for face to face appointments at my Wetherby Therapy Room.  One client in the morning and one client in the afternoon. This ensures I have efficient time to wipe down room furniture, door handles, bannister etc with anti-bacterial wash. I am also available for online appointments which you can book online.

What wash room facilities do you have at your Wetherby therapy room?

the premises have male/ female bathrooms. I recommend you don't use then unless you really need to. Although they are cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaner after each client I cannot guarantee 100% thorough cleaning on all surfaces. The washrooms are shared with another business on the 2nd floor.

What facilities do you have in your therapy room for hand washing?

There is hand sanitizer available which has a high alcohol content. I recommend you use this when you arrive. Perhaps using your elbow even to press the pump?

Will you be wearing a mask in our face to face counselling sessions?

For now I will be wearing a clear visor or a mask - yes it looks very sci-fi :-). I feel responsible for protecting clients whilst visiting my therapy room. They are disposed of after each client. 

Can I wear a mask in my counselling session?

yes you can wear a mask, I think prevention rather than cure is a good strategy.

Will you offer drinks, tea, coffee during our counselling session?

I will only offer bottled still or sparking water. I ask kindly that you take your bottle away with you.

Will you have tissues available for me?

For each client I will have some tissues separated out. You are welcome to use them. If you do not use them I will dispose of them and use fresh tissues for the next client.

Have you been tested for C19?

Not yet - I have sent out enquiries for testing as a key worker. I am hoping to hear back. My results will be available for clients to see once I have been tested. 

Myself or someone in my household isn't feeling well - what shall I do?

It is best you stay home & stay safe. You can take your appointment online via video calling or telephone. During our contract we will have discussed cancellation policy and come to a mutual agreement.

Myself or someone in my household has tested positive for Covid 19 after visiting your North Leeds Therapy Room. What do I do?

I appreciate you informing me as soon as possible. If you feel uncomfortable calling me just send me an email. My concern also would be for your & your families health. Some clients may feel guilty or embarrassed or angry -  together we can work through these emotions, it will not effect our therapeutic relationship.



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