Continuing Professional Development I Have Undertaken In 2020

I view CPD and additional continuing training essential to add to my therapist "toolbox". It also allows for reflective practice and fresh, up to date thinking in sessions with clients


  • TA 101 Transactional Analysis - 2 day workshop | TA Centre, Horsforth.
  • TA (Transactional Analysis) Personality Adaptations in Crisis - Evening Workshop | The Link Centre
  • TA (Transactional Analysis) Gender Diversity - Evening Workshop | The Link Centre
  • TA (Transactional Analysis) Impasse Theory | The Link Centre
  • Dream Analyses: Robin Shohet & Joan Wilmot
  • Working Online with Children & Young People - 2 Day Workshop |
  • Impasse Theory - Transactional Analysis workshopThe Link Centre
  • Compulsive Hoarding - Our Relationship with things & Stuff- I Day Workshop with Madison Amy Webb
  • Single Session Therapy - Principles & Practice - Windy Dryden
  • Master Practitioner Programme, Eating Disorders & Obesity - currently undergoing
British Muslim Counsellor

Creative Counselling CPD Through The Creative Counsellors Club 

  • Nurturing Your Inner Child - Mixed Media
  • Overcoming Adversity - Skills & Strengths Workshop
  • Working Creatively With Anxiety Online
  • Working Creatively to explore "Happy"
  • Self Esteem Cards - Exploring "I Am" statement


  • I attend a weekly Peer Reflection Circle with the Creative Counsellors Club.
  • I attend monthly supervision as requested by the BACP

Why is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Important as a counsellor?

The BACP (British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists) which I am a registered members requires all therapists to undergo 30 hours of CPD per annum.

This is to ensure all members keep up to date with new ways of thinking, techniques and scientific discoveries. It also is an opportunity to refresh previous training and develop more specialised training.

Why is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Important to me on a personal level?

As humans we never stop learning or growing - we are constantly work in progress. Always changed from moment to moment. I thrive by having the opportunity to  learn refreshed ways of thinking and being. It also gives me opportunity to apply this fresh learning to my professional and personal life. Always on the quest for self-development.

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