Does Therapy Work Clients ask me?

Finding the right therapist - is this the most important factor? 

I would say it's important to view therapy as a "journey" ... just like any journey obstacles and limiting thoughts or actions can be removed. I'm living proof of that ... therapy totally worked for me! Mindset is crucial as well as finding the right therapist - i'd say both as equal in importance. 

Does Therapy Work? Its the counsellors fault if it doesn't? 

I always wonder how best to answer that question ... yes it does help with lots of positives to gain.  BUT that success is dependent on a number of variable factors. Such as commitment, the right therapist, the right type of techniques, the right time, the right mindset, the right day. I guess the right answer would be yes therapy works in the right circumstances. Wether you want online counselling or face to face
But if you are a client thinking of parting with your hard earned cash - and paying for a therapist in private practice reading this - you might feel this to be a bit of a cop out answer. Many people think finding the right therapist is the only reason for therapy to work. The fact is finding the right therapist is crucial to your success in therapy. But it's not the only factor in making your therapy a success. 

Tell Tale signs you might just not be in the right headspace 

Looking back over my own journey there were a number of small tell tale signs telling me I wasn't quite ready for therapy at the time. Then I probably put too much focus on finding the right therapist rather than look inwards and realising some of my motives.   Here's a list of some of the reasons I went to therapy I wanted to share with you.

It's worth noting even if you are thinking of any of these below ... that's fine too, all is not lost. Just having simple awareness that "yes this is where you are at" is really empowering.
Developing a new awareness really does help give counselling and therapy a good chance to work for you.

The 12 Small Tell Tale Signs That Say You Might Not Be Quite Ready for Therapy Just Yet 

  • Everyone is telling you this is what you need. So it must be true!
  • Everyone seems to have a therapist these days. Even pets. Why should you be left out?
  • You are only going because your mother, partner, lover, friend, sister, boss, brother, neighbour, H.R, person you met in a pub, … said it would be good for you.
  • You are being pressured into an ultimatum – the relationship is over if you don’t go!!!
  • You genuinely can’t see what the problem is at all. It’s everyone else not you. Definitely not you. Yep yes definitely not you! 100%. What’s wrong with everybody?
  • You like the profile picture of the therapist you have picked. You think they are a bit “hot” even though they might not be the right fit for you and you will need to travel 100 miles each way to get to them each session.
  • Someone else is paying for the therapy and you don’t want to appear ungrateful or even upset the generous individual.
  • Therapy as a smoke screen to get everyone off your back. Your work is suffering, and you have no intention of making “change” because you don’t know how to. It’s just too frightening. But you want work to think that you are making an effort at least.
  • You think the therapist might become your friend or more even! You fantasise about a friendship with your therapist and are disappointed or annoyed at reading your therapist’s boundaries. You believe they will be different with you.
  • You think having a therapist makes you look cool, respectable, hip, with the in-crowd.
  • You think the therapist is going to “fix” everything in your life.
  • You are planning to use “look I’m in therapy” to get hot dates with empathetic individuals.

Therapy is a journey, your individual journey - only you can really know if you are truly ready to embrace the journey. It's also worth remembering like all journeys ... its O.K for it to have stops and starts or changes in direction.

So I would say lots of factors are important in making your therapy a success. Yes finding the right therapist is crucial but also is having the right mindset and preparing yourself for therapy.


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