Creativity and Counselling - How Does That work?

To me creativity and counselling go hand in hand.  It can frighten some clients when I say I am a creative counsellor, bringing up images and thoughts of never being good enough at art in school. It doesn't mean you have to draw a picture or I will assess your creative efforts. Personally I can't draw or sketch to save my life.

This is a style of counselling that uses various creative mediums in your therapy sessions - with the aim to connect with my client.

I understand and appreciate fully that talking is not always easy.  For whatever the reason sometimes we just can't bring ourselves to say the words. I integrate creative therapies into my counselling practice to help clients with the therapeutic process. To help gently move on from blocks, to prevent re-visiting trauma  or to bring in a new awareness. Sometimes you are all talked out and just feeling stuck.

Creativity and counselling used jointly can help the process. Usually for me as a therapist it often means "thinking on my feet".  It can be anything (but not limited to) creative means such as doodling, sketching, journaling, poetry, playing board games, Jenga, writing, sound, music, photo journaling, Sandplay - combining counselling with anything creative.

It can include the use of scarves to show boundaries e.g " so is this how you feel when you describe that feeling?" ... as a wrap a scarf around my client (obviously not tooo tightly) can be really powerful.

I remember one very memorable session of tying a teddy bear up in a scarf and playing tug of war with the client to demonstrate relationship dynamics. That was really powerful stuff. And fun.

Creativity and counselling can just be the use of words ...  metaphors to describe and relate to situations. Or creativity and counselling can involve physical things. In my counselling room I have building blocks of large lego - clients often use it to demonstrate the walls they have built up. Using the different colours to demonstrate different areas in their lives.

Theres also something really powerful and therapeutic  of knocking the lego wall down and demolishing it :-).

Creativity is unique to the individual and theres no real right or wrong way of doing creativity ... just your way.

Creative Therapies I Have Used With Clients

If there is something in particular that you are drawn to and you would like to try in the therapy room - please let me know and we can discuss using it in your therapy session.

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