You Might Be feeling angry all the time?  

This might push people away in your life? The very people you want to be closer to. This could leave you feeling lonely, isolated and depressed. Making you even more angry.

A Vicious Circle You Seem To Go Round In?

Counselling Support For Anger Management

I am a qualified experienced Counsellor, Coach & Psychotherapist MBACP. (British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists). I work extensively with helping clients have better relationships with themselves and their situation. Counselling for anger management can help improve the relationships and your quality of life.

Exploring your relationship with anger and changing it can lead to a more fun life. Feeling angry can often lead to mental health difficulties which can lead to us feeling lonely and depressed.

Whether it is anger in your personal life or in your workplace, if your wellbeing is suffering counselling and therapy can help.

I am based on the High St,  in Wetherby, Leeds, West Yorkshire. A quiet out of city location discretion is assured. Online sessions are also available.


Confidential & compassionate counselling support for anger management with Yasmin.

I Can Help You With

  • dealing with your anger in a different way
  • finding highly effective strategies to help you manage your anger
  • supporting you in making these changes in your life.
  • helping you learn new relating patterns and ways of coping
  • supporting you in resolving your anger.
  • improving the relationships in your life.
  • feeling less angry and enjoy life more.
  • recognising anger.
  • helping you have a peaceful relationship with "self"

Feeling angry does not always mean that you are shouting or being violent. You could feel depressed, anxious, upset, withdrawn or quiet.

You could choose to isolate yourself, self harm, use substances or partake in risky behaviour as a way of releasing your anger.  It could give you  low confidence or poor self esteem Part of the challenge is recognising anger in your life and getting the right support to help you.


You might wonder "Why are you feeling so angry?".

There are a wide ranging number of reasons people feel angry, lose their temper or get violent.  You could know or you might have no idea. Counselling support for anger management could help you resolve other issues. It could perhaps include related issues such as:

  • stress
  • low self esteem
  • low confidence
  • child related issues
  • coping with a suicide bereavement
  • undiagnosed personality disorder
  • financial worries
  • antisocial personality
  • undiagnosed borderline personality
  • bipolar disorder
  • frustration
  • don't know any other way.
  • relationship breakdown
  • business worries
  • relationship issues
  • anxiety disorder
  • unresolved childhood trauma
  • social prescribing
  • a bereavement
  • relationship breakup
  • eating disorders
  • postnatal depression
  • anxiety depression
  • domestic abuse
  • sexually abused
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