Counselling For British Muslims

British Muslim Counsellor

I Provide Counselling For British Muslims

Young Adults, Adult and Seniors of all genders including males, females, trans, non-binary and identifying as other. Whether mixed, bi-racial, multi religious or converts.

I am available

Online through a secure video calling platform or at my private practice in Wetherby, North Leeds.

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Counselling British Muslims Experience

Experienced of working within a University student counselling service, local voluntary/private counselling services, and within a domestic violence support service. As a British Muslim I have a personal understanding of the culture and religion. Although our experiences may be different I am able to relate well with clients from a Muslim and Asian background.

My Counselling Approach In The Therapy Room

My approach in the therapy room is identical to all my clients. However as a British Muslim I come with awareness of mixed culture & Religion, Islam and Islamic practices, Pakistani and Indian Punjabi Culture. I am fluent in Punjabi and Urdu (admittedly spoken with a slight English accent). I have a personal understanding of multicultural/ multi religion  identity and the conflict and confusion which may arise from trying to "fit in" to perceived cultural/ religious norms. I hope these qualities can assist you in helping you find empowerment through your counselling journey.

What I Offer Through Counselling

Counselling for British Muslims - I offer an accepting, compassionate, no judgmental environment where my clients can feel safe to be the person who they are. A safe space where they are supported so they are able to find clarity in their lives. I also know talking can be difficult. Impossible even when painful and raw. Perhaps through guilt or shame or fear even. Also not always is it useful to revisit the trauma.

I use a number of creative mediums in the therapy room to help with the process. Sometimes it can be the creative process that helps heal the heart and empower you. If you are not much of a talker you don't need to worry that I will expect you to talk and it will be awkward.


What I do not offer in my counselling sessions.

I am  not here to tell you what to do, nor what religious/ cultural  practices you must follow or judge you. I am not here to take away your autonomy, to fix you, to give you the answers. I view our relationship as a mutual partnership where you are the master of your life. I offer you support, empathy, kindness, care and compassion. At times I will share the learnt knowledge through my training. It is our relationship which will contribute to your empowerment.

British Muslim Counselling Issues

Apart from specialising in the these issues - as a  British Muslim counsellor I am familiar with clients presenting issues relating to Jinn Possession and our personal Jihad - with one's self (Nafs). I am able to work with clients holding interest in the concept of Nafs whilst relating to the world we live in today.

Want To know more?

We can start by you sending me a message with your concern. Will you Judge Me?

Will you judge me?

No is the simple answer. My professional training, my own personal issues and the person I am ensures I will not judge you. That is not what I am here for.

You may be a British Muslim, I see you also as a unique individual, with your own thoughts and needs. I understand at the start of our relationship you might be unsure and find it difficult to trust me. But we will work through this so you are able to get what you need from therapy.