Client Testimonials On Trust Pilot 

Client Comments - Hand Written Can Be Seen At Premises.

My counsellor has been very supportive and allowed me to look at my situations from different perspectives. Helped build a professional relationship and made me look at my personal relationships differently. I feel so much better. Thank you June 2019

Had a wonderful experience with my therapists guidance and support. I feel like I have been on a journey since initially feeling low to now being optimistic about the future. June 2019

I really appreciate the time you have taken to listen to my feelings and helped me understand them in a different light. Thank you once again July 2019 

Thank you for helping me to grow into a stronger and happier person. You've helped me get to a stronger foundation. I will really miss being able to offload about how crazy life can be sometimes. May 2019

Nice to be listened to and understood. March 2019

I'm so glad I got involved with the counselling service this year. It's helped me to learn/ start loving myself & putting myself first. April 2019

Very understanding and very helpful. Great suggestions. Very happy with her service. February 2019

Guidence has been amazing directed into a more positive lifestyle. February 2019

It was an amazing experience. Thank you so much. November 2018

I felt listened to and was able to talk about issues without judgement. I was given good and helpful advice. February 2019

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Relationships can cause us immense distress, confusion and can be highly destructive. If any of this sounds familiar, then we can work together to understand the overwhelming feelings that can sometimes leave you feeling crippled, depressed, lost or angry. Read 

Want to improve the relationships in your life - with others, self or the environment you live in?

If doing the way you do "angry" is an issue - you will know that your behaviour can drive people away from you.

Often the very people you want close to you. Through a refreshed awareness you can change your behaviour. Read 

Specialised support in changing your behaviour and learning to do "angry" a different way.


Body image and relationship with food & related disorders  can bring much misery and suffering. I work with binge eating, obesity & food disorders. Through The K Plan - a wellness plan for the emotional eater I also offer online group therapy.  Read

Want to improve the relationship you have with food and body image? I offer specialised support.


Often issues are not isolated. Depression or anxiety could be due to grief, loss or past trauma. You may want to work through past issues or you may want to look at the here and learn new ways to cope. It may be to feel validated is what you are looking for. Read

The ther issues I have experience of working with - often clients come with related issues.