Breaking The Anger Cycle

Learn to recognise, understand and diffuse your angry so you can create a less stressed life.

Wetherby Counsellor Yasmin

Do you struggle with managing difficult emotions? Are you struggling with managing your anger? Do you wish you could learn how to manage your anger in a healthier way? Find yourself always apologising for your anger - when you know it's not all you? Is your anger adversely impacting your relationships? Your health? The people around you? - especially the ones you love?

Yasmin Shaheen Zaffar - Creator of The Angry Tent™️ & The R.U.D Process™️

This 8 week program is for those people who know ..........

Their anger is adversely impacting their relationships, their health and the people around them - especially the ones they love.

Their mornings start with their blood boiling, stress & chaos around them - before they even get to leave the house.

They become aggressive and unpredictable and can scare those around them (and even themselves).

Or they turn to risky behaviour or inwards making themselves ill.

They might have a lot to be angry about (we know life is not always fair) but anger, rage, aggression or violence right now is causing problems & stress in their lives.

Shame and embarrassment stops them getting the support they need.

They feel stressed & overwhelmed - with a short fuse. Deep down they know they need to make change, but they don’t know how.

They know they seriously need help to manage their anger so they don't end up hurting anyone or themselves in the future.

Breaking The Anger Cycle I Will Teach You How To

Manage your angry outbursts - whether shouting, anger, rage, aggression or violence

Recognise Your Anger So You Become Aware Before It Causes Damage.

Recognise Your Triggers and stop reacting to them in destructive ways.

request behavioural changes from others without your blood pressure rising

get your point across with calmness and clarity.

Develop Skills To Help You Unravel And Understand Your Triggers That Cause You To Lose Control.

Deal with the shame and embarrassment you feel due to your behaviour so you can move on.

Use tools and strategies which will enable you to dig out destructive patterns.

Learn to communicate your message without shouting, screaming or resorting to aggression or violence.

Break Your Anger Cycle so you can find some peace in your day to day living.

Book Breaking The Anger Cycle - live with less stress & overwhelm in your life.